Aaaand that’s a wrap on September! September was a pretty hectic month- mostly because of uni. I spent the first few weeks settling in, and I’m finally starting to get the hang of things. Though I really miss living in a school dorm, having your own apartment’s pretty nice, too. The only downside is that there’s no laundry room, and the nearest laundromat… is two blocks away… BUT ANYHOW. Today on the blog: the month that was September.

September on the blog

  • The Young Elites was another great read by Marie Lu!
  • I wasn’t at all wowed by Kirsten Miller’s How to Lead a Life of Crime, though.
  • Claire LaZebnik’s books are all super cute, but I definitely preferred Epic Fail to The Last Best Kiss.
  • Disappointingly too, The Fill-In Boyfriend marks 2/2 Kasie West books I’ve tried and didn’t quite enjoy as much as everyone else seems to have.
  • BUT on the other hand, Foreplay by Sophie Jordan read as a nice surprise!
  • Aaaand wowwow Goodbye Rebel Blue.
  • And, more reviews for the cursory reader: All the Bright Places, Live Through This, and The Boy Most Likely To.
  • …next month, I’ll definitely include more features/food/rambling posts! I’ve made huge progress with my reviewing list, but it’s definitely time to throw some variety and change things up a bit on the blog. Stay tuned!

Out and about

Lolol my current class list is death in schedule form. It hasn’t even been a full month yet and I’m basically dragging myself through the week. But I’m going to try hard! My GPA wasn’t exactly the best last year, and I know I can do better – I’ll try my best!

Also, my friend bought me this super cute corgie plush doll from ThousandSkies! It’s huge – I think she got me the large one, which is a little over one third of my body? It’s so squishy and cute… and squishy… and cute… Ironically, my vocabulary seems to have exponentially decreased since coming to the states? BUT. THE POINT. THE CORGI. It feels amazing to hug and made my room a little less lonely, and honestly I’m way too excited about this gift but I’ve already talked my friend’s ear off and I’ve got no one else to share the joys of an oversized plush doll with, so here we are^^;;;

I feel like I always do a little corner on beauty products, so here it is: I’ve been semi-pampering myself at night while chugging through my textbooks with facemasks. My aunt likes using the one-night-use kinds, and she bought enough to fill this huge cardboard box at her place. When she came over to visit during the summer, she brought us some of the ones she liked as a gift, and my mom packed them all in my luggage for me to take to New York. I didn’t know and unearthed them two weeks or so again when I (finally, heheh) finished unpacking all my stuff – and I’ll admit I teared up a little. I’m homesick as fuck already. So far, I’ve tried masks from 我的美日日記, Innisfree (real squeeze), and Tony Moly (I’m real). The ones from 我的美日日記 are on a thicker fabric, which I guess is better than too flimsy, but it’s a little too thick? The bottom parts flap up off my chin often, and I feel like while the eye, nose, and mouth holes fit my face, the thickness of the mask material makes it hard to actually settle on my skin. The essence is a little sticker, too – I can usually feel residue on my face the next day when I wash my face in the morning. In comparison, I think I prefer the ones from Innisfree and Tony Moly which while, frankly, are a little hard to tell apart, are easy to use and make my skin feel wonderfully hydrated and smooth the next day! While the different fruit, tea, and herb masks don’t quite seem to procure drastically different results, they definitely show results. Next up, I want to give Beauty Clinic Mediheal – Acaiberry Ade Mask a try – check back (probably on my next wrap up, judging by the speed of things on this blog, ahh…) for updates on that, as well as on the Skinfood Rice Mask Wash-Off!

//Cue obligatory uni student panic about… resumes??? cover letters??? interviews??????// falls into a heap and rolls away

September on the playlist

  • IU 「Sleepless rainy night」
  • BUMP OF CHICKEN 「記念撮影」
  • 96猫×はしやん×天月 【歌ってみた】 「太陽系デスコ」
  • UNISON SQUARE GARDEN 「10% roll, 10% romance」

So there we have it! My September. And now, onto you – how was your month? The good, the bad – let me know! Let’s make it through the rest of this year together:)


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