Let’s talk about another guilty pleasure of mine: asian drama. I was actually going to write this post a looong time ago, but then I kept getting sidetracked^^;; I came up with a list of my favorite dramas, but then I’d remember another drama not on the list that I liked, and then another, and then of course I had to re-watch the dramas to see which one I liked better… and then a couple weeks slipped by. Oops? So I decided that, instead of an all-time-best list, I’d just make one never-ending list and add to it every once in a while, because there are so many great dramas and it’s impossible to just choose a few. In no particular order, here are the first five!

锦绣未央 [The Princess Weiyoung]

This one’s basically a gift to your eyeballs. The costumes, the music, the editing, the background… everything is gorgeous and meticulously planned. The gorgeous setting helped the plot seem sprawling and effortless and augh this was so, so beautiful. And the characters! Tiffany Tang is one of my favorite actresses, and I love the chemistry she had with Luo Jin, as well as the close-knit relationships between her character and many of both her family and “family” members! Drama aside, it was very heartwarming to see. It’s worth pointing out though that this follows the novel extremely, incredibly loosely – I wouldn’t recommend watching if you expect the drama to be exactly like the novel. But if you’re looking for gorgeous visuals and a headstrong lead and incredible chemistry between an equally talented actor and actress, I’d highly recommend this drama!

태양의 후예 [Descendants of the Sun]

I’m never going to make an asian drama list and not include this drama – it strikes a perfect balance between action and romance and cheese and sweetness, and the concept is different and really interesting. I don’t know why but it took me a few tries to get into this drama, but I’m so glad I did finish it because it was so good *O* I especially liked the second couple’s story /ducks pleasedon’tkillme/. HEARTSTRINGS ARE TUGGED. And the easy, sweet, and caring relationships between all the characters, despite their situations, were really enjoyable to watch. I loved the action scenes, the bantering scenes, the sweeter scenes… this is such a good show^^

역도요정 김복주 [Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Soo]

This is one of those dramas where the main leads just make the entire show, you know? The story’s meh and skimps out on addressing the real issues, but I loved how refreshing and genuine and solid of a relationship KBJ and JJH had. It was a little silly, a little awkward, but it was so nice to watch. Between strangers-to-lovers and friends-to-lovers, I’d pick the latter any day, and Weightlifting Fairy had one of the best relationship portrayals I’ve seen on screen: supportive, warm, and trusting. They’re so precious ;__;

微微一笑很倾城 [Love O2O]

This is one of those dramas I can watch over and over again. I actually read the novel first, and it remains one of my favorite books, and I loved the drama as well. I loved the concept, and how scenes were split between the online game and real life. I love my historical drama, but I also love my modern-day drama, and this just struck the perfect balance! The friend, family, and love relationships were so cute and never ceased to put a smile on my face. And the relationship between Wei Wei and Xiao Nai! I loved how, instead of your typical romcom when it’s the two romantic leads getting into a misunderstanding, in this drama the two romantic leads are on the same side, and in a misunderstanding with someone else. The scene on the basketball court was particularly memorable, where one of the side characters is surprised that Xiao Nai didn’t doubt Wei Wei, and he replies with “why should I doubt my girlfriend?” Hearts. Fluttering.

힘쎈여자 도봉순 [Strong Woman Do Bong Soon]

The plot definitely isn’t as tight as it could’ve been, and the mystery and crime aspects not blended with the romance and comedy as well as it could’ve been, but somehow despite the flaws, I thought this was a really nice drama just the same. It’s one of those shows to watch when you want to see something cute and with a happy ending, you know? One of those ones where you can count on funny scenes and cute romance and good defeating evil. The leads are cute as fuck – I really liked Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Shik, and Ji Soo (though, isn’t it time he got something other than the third wheel role?^^;;;). I’d really recommend if you’re just in the mood for something fun! Especially that last episode. I can admit to watching and re-watching it more than a few times.


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  1. Clyde says:

    Princess Weiyoung is better that what I expected. I’m watched this drama. It’s a mixture of romance, action, and humor. If you watch this, you will be hooked up since you laugh at the same time will be fascinated with the action scenes. There’s a bit of political struggle too but all in all you will really enjoy this series.

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