About the blog

Aerou is my tiny corner of cyberspace, a personal blog dedicated to all my ramblings about my various interests. Aerou has been around in varying different forms and under various different names since early 2011. It has been, at times, a hobby collective, a diary, a book blog, and a progress archive. Though I’m fickle-minded at times and tend to spontaneously revamp, I’m very grateful to all the dear friends and readers I’ve been able to meet along the way – here’s to many more years^^


Aerou is a personal blog. All reviews and thoughts are written honestly, and while I may receive some books from authors, publishers, etc, I receive no monetary profit. Additionally, all registered trademarks belong to their respective owners; no copyright infringement is and ever was intended.

Review policy

Thank you so much for considering me to read and review your book! I’d be incredibly honored to do so, however, I ask that you please do take note of some things before submitting a request: though I tend to gravitate toward the YA age group, I do generally read anything except erotica and non-fiction. If I accept a book for review, I will guarantee a written, honest review within three months. However, if you require the review to be posted within a certain timeframe, I’ll do my best to accommodate – please let me know.

STATUS: please note that at this time, I’m not accepting any eBooks or unsolicited review requests.

Rating system

My interpretation and personal use of the rating system falls very close to the Goodreads rating system, as briefly explained below.
★★★★★ – it was amazing!
★★★★☆ – i really liked it
★★★☆☆ – i enjoyed it
★★☆☆☆ – it was ok/ it was meh
★☆☆☆☆ – i didn’t like it
DNF – did not finish
(I also use half ratings, denoted by ½, for when I feel my impression of the book falls between two ratings)

EDIT 17/08/14: I’ve received some questions about my rating system, so I’m going to add this little bit here. My personal interpretation of the five-star rating system falls, in some ways I think, with the grading system I used growing up, which may vary extremely differently with those who live in the states. Really briefly, in summary: three-stars and up would be a book I’d recommend to others, though with varying levels (five being a rating I tend to be stingy about giving, and entails book I’d recommend everyone read at least once! 100/10 highly recommended!). Two stars is my middle ground, that ‘meh’ read. With DNF reads, I’m pretty particular about a lot of details – one of them being that I have this sometimes bad habit of trying to finish every book I pick up. So if I DNF a read, well…

Site details

Aerou is hosted under the wonderful OfBlue. The design is courtesy of Mitchii. All thoughts are my own.

If you have any more questions, I surely missed something on this page, so please feel free to contact me!