全息網遊,這個女主屌炸天 by 云早
Published 2017
Source: Borrowed
Rating: ★★☆☆☆


I picked this one up out of curiosity. A lot of people recommended it as having similar elements to other novels I really enjoyed, so I decided to give it a go, but found that those elements didn’t quite work this time around.

The gameplay had the potential to be interesting, but it was full of holes (if that kind of game operated IRL, they would’ve been flamed off the internet). I thought the idea of disgruntled workers operating some of the special NPCs was pretty funny, but, overall, everything was kicked aside, propped up in the background as a pretty scenery for petty love squabbles and assertions of SJB and ZCN’s greatness and superiority, which wasn’t. Wasn’t great.

SJB? She’s super bland for the lack of a better word. She’s got the potential to be cool, or relatable, but she doesn’t end up swinging in any which way mainly because of how she’s written, as a picture-perfect perfection, high up in a place no mortals can touch. I really enjoyed her interactions with her brother, because they were the only snapshots of personality we were able to glean from her, the author otherwise keeping her tightly locked up in a box that blared “THIS MC IS BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT AND CAN DO EVERYTHING” every other page.

ZCN is a Male Love Interest, as well as the Only One Suitable for SJB, and the author will do their best to remind you of that at every possible turn, and then some. He isn’t the worst, but he isn’t the best. He’s very… standard – he’s got all the elements typical of a love interest, but the way he’s portrayed, like with SJB, sucks any potential personality out of him.

Their relationship makes a lot of sense logically, and, emotionally? HA. Trick question – there is no emotion.